Guillermo Ortiz Aldana | Account- & Fieldmanager at Conclusion FIT
‘Professioneel en kundig’, dat komt er in mij op als ik aan Gé denk. Ik heb met veel plezier ruim één jaar met Gé samen mogen werken bij Conclusion FIT, heb in deze periode Gé bij verschillende opdrachten ingezet als Azure en SQL specialist/consultant. Gé zijn vaardigheid om de meest complexe trajecten kalm aan te pakken en een tevreden opdrachtgever achter te laten spreekt mij enorm aan. Als Microsoft Azure en SQL specialist kan ik Gé enorm aanbevelen.

Manfred Simonis | People Development Manager at Microsoft
I know Gé for some years now. I had the pleasure of working with him at Microsoft. Gé is a senior consultant, in knowledge but even more on the personal side. Always looking for the solution, always interested in “who you are and why you want something”. Pleasure to work with! good luck Gé with this new adventure.

Eric Groot | Technology Architect at Wortell
Gé is an outstanding SQL consultant with a broad vision and in depth knowledge concerning the Windows platform technologies and services. His opinion really counts and his consulting activities and projects are much appreciated. Gé gets to the point quickly and professional. Besides this all, he is a optimistic guy and a joy to work and laugh with.

Henk Lengkeek | Senior Performance Analyst at PharmaPartners
Working together with Gé at Stater, I got to know him as a flexibel, competent and pro-active worker. He has good knowledge within and outside of his own field of work.

Rolf Bolk | Senior data(warehouse) architect & data modeller, experienced with DataVault, Sybase, PowerCenter, SQLserver
Gé and I worked closely together in the DBA group. Gé has several technical an personal skills which make him a asset to every organisation or project. I mention a few: great skills with SQLserver, knows his way around Sybase as well, is always cooperative but also make critical remarks if necessary, good teamplayer, etc. So if you are preparing to cross the SQLserver dessert, take Gé with you.